The Foundation was established following the enactment of a 1972 law in Israel that promoted the development and support of projects related to education, culture, teaching, health and a variety of other social activities. The Fund was founded by the Cukier and Goldstein Goren families, with Mr. Avram Goldstein Goren and his son Alexander Goren serving as directors. Since its inception, the Fund has contributed large sums towards the establishment of these important institutions.



Be’er Sheva

– The Faculty of Humanities at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
– The Department of Jewish Thought
– Student Scholarships
– Department of Biotechnology Engineering




– Kiryat Goldstein-Goren
– Center for Immigration, Absorption, Culture, Education and Public Park on Lasalle Street
– Center for the Study of the History of Romanian Jews
– Diaspora Research Center
– Synagogue And Community Center on Pekin Street




– Center for Rehabilitation and Vocational Training of the Handicapped




– Family Day Care Center and Hostel for emotionally handicapped children
– Patt Neighborhood Park




– Youth Club
– Synagogue Bracha Goldstein



Milan, Italy

– The Jewish Community of Milan
Judaica Center at Universita’ Statale



Bucharest, Romania

– The Center for Jewish Studies at the State University of Bucharest



New – York

– The Center for American Jewish History at New York University