The Center for Jewish Studies at the State University of Bucharest

The Goldstein-Goren Center for Jewish Studies at the State University of Bucharest, Romania was established in academic year 1998 / 1999. In spite of the difficult political and economic climate prevailing in Romania, the Center developed satisfactorily during its first dozen years of existence, attracting the interest of a steadily growing number of students. Unfortunately, in 2010 a faction of the faculty tried to take over the Center and modify the direction of its activities. The Foundation had no choice but to withdraw its support. However, it has made a new deal with the Faculty of Political Science to start a program in Israel Studies. As of the beginning of 2016 we are still in the process of obtaining approval for offering a degree in Israel Studies.


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Professors and Associates

Permanent Staff
Felicia Waldman: Conversational Hebrew and Jewish Thought
Mariuca Stanciu: Conversational Hebrew and Jewish Civilization and Arts

Yom Tov Assis: Jewish History
Jeremy Cohen: Jewish History
Leonard Greenspoon: Hellenistic Judaism the Dead Sea Scrolls
Carol Iancu: History of Romanian Jews
Moshe Idel: Jewish Thought
Nicolae Roddy: Testamentary Literature
Shalom Sabar: Jewish Arts and Traditions
Raphael Vago: Jewish Historiography
Leon Volovici: Jewish Literature and History of Jewish Intelligentia
Harvey Zeev: Jewish Philosophy
Madeea Axinciuc: Biblical Hebrew and Philosophy
Manuela Cazan: Israeli Literature
Ioan Chirila: Biblical Archeology
Andrei Cornea: Major Trends in Jewish Thought
Radu Ioanid: Holocaust Studies
Moshe Kones: Jewish Arts
Andrei Oisteanu: Jewish Imagology
Liviu Rotman: Jewish History
Michael Shafir: Holocaust Denial
Mihai Chioveanu: Recent European History: the Far Right and the Jews
Georgeta Pana: Holocaust Studies
Andreea Pastirnac: Hebrew Grammar