Center for Rehabilitation and Vocational Training of the Handicapped

The Center for rehabilitation and vocational training among others was established in cooperation with the Lowenstein Rehabilitation Hospital. Its objective is to provide rehabilitation for the handicapped by training them to acquire a productive profession, appropriate to their individual skill levels.

What attracted the Cukier, Goldstein-Goren Foundation to this project was the belief that a handicapped person earning his/her living is independent and contributes to society, whereas an unemployed handicapped person is a burden on society, dependent on the mercy of his/her environment.

At the beginning of his/her vocational rehabilitation, each handicapped person undergoes a process of examination and evaluation. The process defines each participant’s physical and mental capacity and an individually adapted vocational schedule is established. After retraining, the Center finds suitable work places for its graduates; however, its involvement does not end at this stage, as the Center continues to monitor each graduate’s progress and functioning in society.

Potential candidates for rehabilitation by the Center are person of employment age who have encountered difficulties in finding work due to physical or mental handicaps.

For those whose ability test showed a positive ability level, a special, individually adapted and time-flexible course of study is offered. The Center is equipped with highly advanced technological instrumentation, ensuring top-quality teaching and learning. In sophisticated workshops, the Center offers handicapped persons vocational training in office management, quality control, technical drafting, precision mechanics, computers, electronic repairs and fashion. The curriculum enables graduates to take government certification examinations and thus gain recognized certification. Throughout their studies, the handicapped students remain in a supportive environment and receive warm, loving care that enables them to continue coping with their disabilities even in difficult moments of despair.

The Center runs a Labor Exchange Office responsible for enlisting employers willing to cooperate with it in locating workplaces for its graduates. In its first 20 years of activity, since it opened in 1982, the Center has provided instruction to some 3,653 handicapped persons, of whom some 2,191 have found permanent employment in the profession for which they were trained at the Center. In 1994, the center was awarded THE KAPLAN AWARD the highest national award for productivity and efficiency. It donates outstanding achievement in initiative, originality and creative approach.

Contact Information

The Center for Vocational Rehabilitation and Training at the Lowenstein Rehabilitation Hospital
The Cukier, Goldstein Goren Building
P.O.B. 3, Ra’anana 43100
Telephone: + 972-9-7719444 Fax: + 972-9-7709914

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