As the Center of Avram Goldstein-Goren’s business activities in Israel for some 50 years, the city of Tel-Aviv has enjoyed his special attention. During the last two decades he and his family have expressed their support of the city by financing their social welfare, educational and research projects. Most of these projects have been carried out through the Tel-Aviv Foundation, in close cooperation with Shlomo Lahat, long-time Mayor of Tel-Aviv until, at the end of 1993 he decided to step down. In the course of this activity, the relationship between the Mayor and the Goldstein-Goren family has become one of friendship and common concern of the overall welfare of the city’s residents, with particular emphasis on the needier ones, a concern that was amply shared by Lahat’s successor, Roni Milo, as well as by the current Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai.

Tel-Aviv Foundation



Kiryat Goldstein-Goren

In the heart of South Tel Aviv, Kiryat Shalom – an old neighborhood showing the signs of time – is inhabited by long-time residents and by new immigrants struggling with the daily difficulties of absorption. There, the narrow, winding streets of gray and aging houses open onto an eye-catching site: the Goldstein-Goren Sports, Recreation and Cultural Centers.
This is the Foundation’s largest project in Tel-Aviv. The Sports Center was completed in the ’80s and the Cultural and Educational Center in 1994.
This project is comprised of a recreation and sports center, which has been functioning for several years, and a more recent community center for culture and education. In recognition of the Cukier, Goldstein-Goren Foundation’s contribution to the reclaiming of Kiryat Shalom, the Tel-Aviv municipality has voted to name this area, including the contiguous residential area, KIRYAT GOLDSTEIN-GOREN.


Sports and Recreation Center

The Sports and Recreation Center, established by the Cukier, Goldstein-Goren Foundation as a gift to residents of Kiryat Shalom, stands on a 20 dunam (5 acre) plot of land, rich with trees, flower gardens and wide lawns. The Center is a sport club that houses a large number of activities in a single complex – Tennis Center, Exercise and Fitness Room, Swimming Pool Complex and Sports Gymnasium.

The carefully planned and excellently executed Center was inaugurated early 1985. With its rich and varied program of activities for men, women and children, it was a dream come true for the residents. The Center includes four main facilities, each managed by an experienced coach and staff, and is operated professionally to enable each participant to enjoy healthy physical activity.


Center for Immigration, Absorption, Culture, Education and Public Park on Lasalle Street

The Cukier, Goldstein-Goren Foundation, in cooperation with the Tel-Aviv Foundation, has financed the transformation of the former Gordon Elementary School Building and its surroundings into a center for education, information and social activities. The renovated building, set in a beautiful new public park which was part of the project, houses an “ulpan” for teaching Hebrew to immigrants as well as an information and consultation center for newcomers to Israel and offers adult education courses. It also houses a coffee shop and library and serves as a neighborhood social club.

Contact Information

The Goldstein Goren Center for Culture and Education
Mrs. Miri Goldstein, Head of the Center
7, Lasalle Street
Tel-Aviv 63409, Israel
Telephone: + 972-3-522 3095, + 972-3-522 318
Fax: + 972-3-524 2884


Tel-Aviv University


Center for the Study of the History of Romanian Jews

In 1987, the Foundation endowed the establishment of the Center for the History of Romanian Jews at Tel-Aviv University. The Center’s main objectives include:
– Research into and publishing of articles on the history of Romanian Jews.
– Collection of historical documents and archive material related to the history of the Jews in Romania.
– Writing and publishing a multi-volume history of the Jews in Romania.
– Cooperation with research institutes throughout the world and hosting of international symposia.


Diaspora Research Center

The Center for the History of Romanian Jews at Tel-Aviv University is completing the publication of the last of a five-volume comprehensive history. The Foundation has made available to TAU an amount equivalent to about four times the initial grant to the above Center in order to establish the Goren Goldstein Diaspora Research Center, which encompasses the Center of History of Romanian Jews as well as any existing of future Center for the History of any national group of Diaspora Jews. The Diaspora Research Center was inaugurated in May 2002.

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Professors and Associates

David Assaf: History of the Hasidic Movement in Eastern Europe
Daniel Carpi: History of the Jews in Italy and the Holocaust
Jeremy Cohen: Jews and Jewish-Christian Relations in Medieval Europe
David Engel: Modern History of Jewn in Eastern Europe
Mordechai Akiva Friedman: Talmud
Moshe Gil: Jews in the Medieval Muslim World
Eleazer Gutwirth: History of the Jews in Medieval Spain
Matityahu Mintz: History of the Jews in Russia in the Modern Period
Yehuda Nini: 20th Century History of the Jrews in Israel
Aharon Oppenheimer: History of the Jews in the Period of the Talmud
Dina Porat: Modern Jewish History and the Holocaust
Benjamin Pinkus: History of the Jews in Russia in the Modern Period
Yoel Raba: History of the Jews in Eastern Europe
Elhanan Reiner: History of the Jews in Eastern Europe in the Early Modern Period
Minna Rozen: History of the Jews in the Balkans and Turkey
Shlomo Simonsohn: History of the Jews in Italy
Ran Zadok: Ancient Jewish History
Marina Arbib: History of the Jews in Italy
Raya Cohen: Modern History of Jews in Europe
Bat-Zion Eraqi Klorman: History of Yemeni Jews
Mariucha Krasner: History of the Jews in Italy
Ruth Lamdan: Jews in Europe and in the Middle East in the Early Modern Period
Emanuel Melzer: History of the Jews in Poland in the Modern Period
Shlomo Netzer: History of the Jews in Poland in the Modern Period
Liviu Rotman: History of the Jews in Romania
Leonid Smilovitsky: History of Jews in Belarus
Raphael Vago: Eastern Europe in the Modern Period
Haim Cohen: Jews and the Elightment in Eastern Europe
Zvi Hartman: History of the Jews in Romania


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Tel-Aviv, Synagogue And Community Center on Pekin Street Synagogue And Community Center on Pekin Street

The Cukier, Goldstein-Goren Foundation has constructed a magnificent building in Tel-Aviv that serves as the central synagogue and cultural center for the city’s Romanian Jews.

The building was constructed in memory of the late Itzhak Moshe and Bracha Goldstein, parents of the Foundation’s founder, Avram Goldstein-Goren, and in the name of Rabbi Zvi Gutman and his two sons, Joseph and Jacob, who perished in the Holocaust.